Hey, it's Brie E Anderson 👋

Your friendly Analytical Nerd with a Soft Spot for Strategy.

I hope you're ready for a little...

analytics with an edge.

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"Not only is she so knowledgeable about analytics and what metrics matter, but she has the ability to captivate the crowd and leave everyone wanting more Brie!"

Julia Jornay-Silverberg, Brand Manager NOW Marketing & Social Media Week Lima

About Brie E Anderson

Brie E Anderson is an Analytical Nerd with a Soft Spot for Strategy. She's spent the last 10 years helping businesses of all sizes execute data-driven strategies to increase ROI. Today Brie runs BEAST Analytics, a digital marketing analytics consultancy, and contributes to leading industry publications such as Moz and Search Engine Journal.

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Brie E Anderson runs BEAST Analytics, a digital analytics agency specializing in audits & reporting.

What's Brie About?

Here are 5 things you need to know about the nerd you're thinking about to be working with...

  1. She loooooves to learn. Brie is always learning how to do something new, how to figure out something works, or new ways to do something.

  2. Brie is an ideator with a passion for seeing others achieve. If there is something you are wanting to achieve, Brie will get to work finding a million different ways you could get there.

  3. There are always at least five animals in Brie's house. Belle came with Brie's wife, Frankie is their rescued pom/eskie mix, Bip is a foster fail and Nala and Bella were inherited from Christi's (Brie's wife's) mom. So you may hear some barking from time to time.

  4. Family comes first for Brie. She is married to an awesome chick that is currently trying to get pregnant and has family in the military - this means there are times where Brie may drop off of the side of the earth for a few hours, she's gotta be accessible to people in different places.

  5. Brie lives to build fast and fail fast, but is also a tinkering perfectionist. The first product is rarely ever the final product, but she won't give up on you. If there is a problem, Brie's gonna mess with it until she finds out how to fix it.


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